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We are accustomed to use birds as a metaphor for freedom, peace and love

 and they are also a unique means to approach nature.

 Most people don't notice the birds in their close surroundings, and are not aware

 of the pleasure they can experience from watching them.

 Bird watching is an activity that enables people to be free of every day's troubles,

and to spend a pleasant time with family and friends. This hobby is available to

 everybody, free of charge, and can be practiced by all people, with no limit of

 age and education.

 Israel is blessed with a great variety of birds, and bird-watchers from all over

the world come here to watch our birds.


The main goal of the center is to increase the awareness of the general public

 to the close proximity of a large variety of birds to the nearby neighborhood,

and to encourage the public and the education system to practice bird watching

as a means to strengthen the bond with nature


Educational Project

 We lead an educational project in primary schools. The students build nesting boxes for Great Tits and Sparrows.

They learn about the birds and watch birds in the school  yard and parks. In the activity participate students from

several backgrounds - religious and non-religious Jews, Muslims, town children and farm children.

The project - which is done this year in about 20 schools is successful. The Students and the Teachers are enthusiastic!




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